CE directives are designed to help business and government officials understand the new laws, the EU's standardization process, and the relationship between the European Commission and the European standardization bodies in the European Union.

The CE mark is a Product Certification and it signals that the product meets the requirements of relevant European directives. it is a legal obligation on the part of the manufacturer or his agent to ensure compliance of the specified requirements. it is mandatory for a wide product range sold within or exported to the European Country or market. With the objective to facilitate free trade & to ensure the safety of specified products, European countries have developed a series of standards or directives. Compliance of these standard or directive is mandatory.So please mind that If you wish to sell your products within the European Union member states and the European Economic Area, such product must comply with the directive (s). This also applies if you are a manufacturer who wants to export products into the European member countries.CE mark on product sign.

Key Benefits:

  • Access the world’s second largest importer (and largest exporter).
  • It is mandatory to understand your obligations and demonstrate compliance.
  • Working with a Compliance Provider from project concept helps reduce project life cycle timescales and budget.
  • Combining CE marking with other certifications such as CB Scheme, USA/Canada Safety Certification, CCC, GOST-R,ROHS etc…can further reduce timescales and costs.

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